Our Beliefs.

Embracing Faith in Love, Acceptance, and Unity.

At Christ's Mission, our beliefs are firmly rooted in the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to fostering a faith community that reflects the principles of love, acceptance, and unity that Jesus demonstrated during his time on Earth. Our core beliefs shape our interactions, guide our actions, and create an environment where every individual can experience God's transformative grace.

Love as the Cornerstone.

We believe that love is the foundation of our faith. Just as Jesus proclaimed the greatest commandment to "love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind" and to "love your neighbor as yourself," we prioritize living out this love in all aspects of our lives. We embrace a love that transcends differences, extends grace, and brings healing to the broken-hearted.

Acceptance Without Judgment.

Central to our beliefs is the understanding that none of us are without imperfections. Following Jesus's example, we strive to create a community where acceptance is abundant, and judgment is replaced by understanding and empathy. We firmly believe in Jesus's teaching: "Do not judge, or you too will be judged" (Matthew 7:1). This principle guides our interactions and encourages an environment where everyone feels valued for who they are.

Humility & Service.

At Christ's Mission, we believe in the power of humility and service. We are inspired by Jesus's humility in washing the feet of his disciples and his call to serve others selflessly. Our faith is not a show of superiority but a path of humble obedience and genuine care for those around us. We seek to serve our community, both within and beyond our walls, following the example set by our Savior.

Embracing Transformation.

Our faith journey is one of continual transformation. We recognize that none of us have arrived at perfection, but we are committed to growing in our faith, learning from one another, and being open to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Through prayer, study, and fellowship, we strive to deepen our connection with God and align our lives with His purpose.

At Christ's Mission, these beliefs are more than words on a page; they are the guiding principles that shape our interactions, decisions, and outreach efforts. We invite you to explore our faith community and join us on this journey of love, acceptance, and unity as we seek to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.

You matter to God,

and you matter to us.